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Our Arms: Agribusiness, Online Store, Business Development, Digital Marketing and Web Development

About Us

We are solutions provider in Agriculture, Business Development, and ICT(Web Development and Digital Marketing)

We Provide Great Platforms and Services

We are a team of visionary entrepreneurs providing great solutions to real Client's need. We have created a state of the art platform to address various problems preventing people from going into Agriculture. Amongst the solution provided is our Agribusiness Online Store and Client Farming Platform to carry out farming activities for our Clients. We also assist in provision of Feasibility Study and Business Plan for both Agric and non Agric businesses. We are also solutions provider in Web development, E-commerce and Digital Marketing

Our Services

Ninville Agrostore

Ninville Agrostore is an Online Retail Store where you can get all your farm inputs such as quality seeds and seedlings, Machinery and farm equipment at lowest prices.

Business Plan Development

We help businesses develop business plan either for raising funds from banks or investors or as a guide for running their businesses

Business Feasibility Report

We help businesses carry out feasibility studies and market research. we help you analyse your new businesses proposition and develop a strategy based on our feasibility and market research.

Ninville Creatives (Web Development)

We have web professionals who will help you develop creatives and attractive website for your schools, Churches, NGOs, Business, and Personal Portfolio

Ninville Client Farming

The Crowd Farming services allows us to farm on behalf of our Client’s. The Clients registers their interested crop on our website and receives the budget for such crop. The Clients finances the farm while we manage it for them

Ninville Digital Marketing

On our team, We have experienced Social Media consultants that can help turn around your businesses and oranisations for more results, skillfully using combinations of available digital media platforms.

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